Toxicity studies of Galveston Bay Project, September 1, 1971 to December 1, 1972: Final Report to the Texas Water Quality Board, Galveston Bay Study Program for contract IAC (72-73) 183




University of Texas, Marine Science Institute

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University of Texas, Marine Science Institute


The scope of this effort was to determine the water quality of relatively stable salinity/temperature areas representing five general locations in the Galveston Bay system. This endpoint was to be determined by analysis of the water during an annual series of samples by bioassay with several species of indigenous living organisms, through the analysis of BOD toxicity indicated during the previous Galveston Bay Study, an evaluation of the nursery ground, nutrient, nitrogen, and primary productivity values, a study of bottom fauna and comparison with other data parameters of the total bay study that may be pertinent to the evaluation of water quality to the biological regime.


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water quality, salinity gradients, marine fisheries, temperature variations, water analysis, toxicity, bioassays