Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendments and Coastal Zone Management Act Amendments PART ONE



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This publication is printed for use of Senators participating in the National Fuels and Energy Policy Study, authorized by Senate Resolution 45 of the 92nd Congress. Senate Resolution 45, introduced by Senators Jennings Randolph and Henry M. Jackson, was amended and agreed to by the Senate on May 3, 1971. The resolution authorized Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs and ex-officio members of the Committees on Commerce and Public Works and the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy to make a comprehensive study of programs and policies required to meet national energy needs. Subsequently, the Senate approved the addition of ex-officio members from the Committees on Aeronautical and Space Sciences, on Finance, on Foreign Relations, on Government Operations, and on Labor and Public Welfare.


2 volumes


environmental policy, coastal zone management, National Fuels and Energy Policy Study, offshore drilling