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Koros, John

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


The Harris County Flood Control District was created by the Texas State Legislature in 1937 who charged the District with building projects to control, store, preserve and distribute the storm and flood water and the water of the rivers and streams in Harris County. The purpose of the projects was to be the reclamation of land threatened by surging storm and flood waters, the conservation of forests, and the protection of navigation on the navigable streams. Over time, the general philosophy of storm water management has evolved significantly. No longer are projects viewed with a single purpose determined to move as much water as quickly as possible. The HCFCD now strives to build projects that work, to alleviate flooding with appropriate regard for human and natural values. Regional detention, that slows the water down and affords opportunities for water polishing is now prominent in HCFCD's toolbox. The results of these efforts, erosion control, sediment and toxicant stabilization, and enhanced water quality by filtering through wetlands are of great benefit to the ultimate protection of the fragile environment of the Galveston Bay complex.


pgs. 197-199


flood control, storm surges, water management, erosion control, sediment stability, water quality control, wetlands, runoff, fertilizers, toxicants, vegetation management