Proceedings: the State of the Bay Symposium V. January 31 - February 02, 2001.




Galveston Bay Estuary Program

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


The State of the Bay Symposium is hosted biennially to provide and opportunity for resource managers, scientists, industries, regualtors, policy-makers, and the public to interact and share information. This year 2001, with the theme Galveston Bay: Past, Present, and Future, will include information on the status and trends of key indicators which depict the health of our bay, the significance of a changing watershed in the preservation of the bay, and the importance of partnerships in restoration and protection of the bay. Summarizing some of the current data and trends, a Galveston Bay Characterization Highlights document is also being released. (See Acc# 9192). This document provides new information to update the State of the Bay, a characterization document released in 1994 (See Acc# 8274) as the scientific foundation for the development of The Plan. (See Acc# 8372). This characterization document will highlight updates of the status of key habitats, living resources, and water quality in Galveston Bay.


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