Intensive survey of Cedar Bayou, segments 0901 and 0902, July 6-8, 1987, May 23-26, 1988: water quality assessment report: hydrology, field measurements, water chemistry, fecal coliforms




Kirkpatrick, J.S.

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Texas Water Commission


Intensive surveys of Segments 0901 (Cedar Bayou tidal) and 0902 (Cedar Bayou above tidal) were conducted July 6-8, 1987 and May 23-26, 1988. Diurnal field data (temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity) and time-composited water samples for chemical analyses were collected from each mainstream station and major wastewater discharge. Vertical profiles of field data and vertically composited water samples were collected in the tidal portion of the bayou where stratification was expected. Instantaneous field measurements and grab water samples were collected from the tributaries. Flow measurements 0902. Tide stage was recorded during both studies at two sites in Segment 0901. Fecal coliform densities were determined at all sampling stations during both studies.


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hydrology; field measurements; water chemistry; fecal coliforms; bacteria