Toxic contaminants survey of the lower Rio Grande, lower Arroyo Colorado, and associated coastal waters




Davis, J.R.
Kleinsasser, L.J.
Cantu, R.

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


A toxic contaminants study was performed in the lower Rio Grande valley in February, 1994. The purpose was to screen selected sites for the occurrence and impact of toxic chemicals. A total of eight stations were sampled, including two on the Rio Grande, two on the Arroyo Colorado, one on the North Floodway, one at Brazos Santiago Pass, one in San Martin Lake, and one in the Gulf of Mexico. The scope of evaluation included determinations of toxic chemical concentrations in water (8 sites), sediment (7 sites), and fish tissue (8 sites); toxicity testing of water (8 sites) and sediment (7 sites); and biosurveys of fish and benthic macroinvertebrate communities (4 sites).


127 p.


toxicants, surveys, coastal waters, tissues, water sampling, sediment sampling, physicochemical properties, water quality, toxicity tests, bioassays, benthos