Bird life of coasts and estuaries




Ferns, P.N.

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University of Cambridge


This publication provides a description of the bird life of the British coastline and adjacent off-shore waters from an ecological point of view, using information from the latest research to show how bird distribution and abundance are related to important environmental variables such as marine currents, weather, coastal landform and the influence of man. Separate chapters look at the open sea, rocky coasts, estuarine shores and coastal fringe. Typical birds from each of these habitats are introduced and their foraging and breeding behaviour, distribution and abundance described. In the final chapter, threats to coastal birds, such as habitat destruction and pollution are discussed, together with the positive action that can be taken to safeguard against these problems. The text is illustrated throughout by beautiful and informative illustrations of the birds themselves and the habitats in which they live.


336 p.


aquatic birds, marine birds, distribution, ecological distribution, environmental effects, habitat, conservation, coasts, estuaries, waterfowl