Survival and migration of fresh-water fishes in salt water.




Renfro, W.C.

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In experiments Notropsis lutrensis lived 9 days in salinity of 11.5 ppt; Pimephales vigilax lived more than a week in 11 ppt; Gambusia affinis by gradual steps was acclimated to salinities as high as 24 ppt and back to fresh water. Gambusia hurtadoi from Mexico was found to live indefinitely in salinities up to 15 ppt but not above 17 ppt; salinities above 9 ppt were slowly lethal to Micropterus salmoides; Lepomis punctatus tolerated salinities below but not above 15 ppt for fairly long periods, and Etheostoma fonticola lived more than 6 days in 11.6 ppt but survived only a short time in salinities above 13 ppt. In addition Carpoides carpio was caught in Galveston Bay in salinity of 6 ppt, Ictalurus furcatus was caught in Trinity Bay in 4.8 ppt, Roccus mississippiensis was caught in Galveston Bay in 7.5 ppt, and Pomoxis annularis was caught in Trinity Bay in a salinity of 2.9 ppt.


p. 172-180.


freshwater fish, salinity tolerance, mortality, migrations, survival