Evaluation of environmental investments procedures: Overview manual




Harrington, K.W.
Feather, T.D.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Resources Support Center, Institute for Water Resources


The Corps of Engineers recently completed Evaluation of Environmental Investments Research Program (EEIRP) which was a three year effort aimed at providing methodologies and procedures to assist in the development of supportable environmental restoration and mitigation projects and plans. This Procedures Manual synthesizes the many products of the EEIRP and describes how they can support environmental planning, conducted in accordance with the Water Resource Council's Principles and Guidelines. It provides an overview of the Corps environmental planning process and identifies EEIRP products that support specific planning activities. At the time of the printing of this manual, most EEIRP products were completed and a form for ordering copies of those products is included. The manual also outlines those remaining products that have not yet been published.


56 pgs.


planning, engineering, cost effectiveness, environment management, environmental monitoring, restoration, resources, environmental policy, handbooks, manuals