Ground-water conditions in the Galveston Bay area - Harris, Galveston, and Chambers counties, Texas




William F. Guyton & Associates Consulting Ground-Water Hydrologists

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William F. Guyton & Associates


This report is a culmination of research conducted under Task II-D, Ground - Water Investigation. This task is part of a larger study undertaken by the Texas Water Quality Board on all facets that must be considered for comprehensive water pollution control planning for Galveston Bay. The purpose of this report has been to determine the general availability of fresh ground water in the study area and to estimate the effects on the piezometric surface of development of this ground water. For purposes of this report, fresh water is considered to be water now considered suitable for municipal use and for use by most industries, and to have a total dissolved solids content of less than 1,000 parts per million.


48 pgs. And 10 folded maps


water quality, chemical analysis, tests, ground water, pollution control