Environmental Protection through Public and Private Development Controls



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United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Monitoring


The studies described herein are an integral part of a much larger study of land management for purposes of water resource protection. The larger study is popularly known as the "Brandywine Project." The EPA-supported research is classified into three principal categories: (1) research directly related to the Brandywine Project; (2) investigation of public regulatory and less than fee controls on development; and (3) shaping of the concept of a private development corporation. The research approach is predominantly legal and governmental. In all instances in which information is available, citizen response to the various development controls has been examined and is included in the research reports. The research conclusion is that greater use of large-scale public and private control of land development can not only contribute significantly to water resource protection but will also increase private benefits. We predict increasing use of these forms of controls despite a substantial amount of opposition from private landowners. This report is submitted in fulfillment of Project 16110 EDC, under the sponsorship of the Office of Research and Monitoring, Environmental Protection Agency.


116 pages


water resources, Brandywine Project, urban planning, land use, environmental policy