Bayous to Bay K-12


Jan. 24, 2007


Miller, G
Foots, B

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


At any local school in Texas, it is not possible to introduce students to or teach them adequately about the natural heritage of their state without providing them learning experiences related to the ecosystems that feed into coastal bays. Be it within near access communities or distant learning projects, teachers and agencies find that students are eager to learn how they are part of the chain of eco factors impacting the quality of life within their nearest natural waterway environments to the vast network of coastal bays of Texas. Learning about Texas waters has many positive "teachable moments", and is relativity of all core curriculum objectives achievements in K-12 science, geography, history, math, reading, art, and economics to name a few. Not to forget that the all important factors of family and cultural involvements in the educating sector of communities is also positively effected and can become extended educators related to their wealth of related experiences they enjoy sharing. All the learning tools and sites; classrooms, campus, labs, field trip excursions, media, family outings, can assist every teachers effort to empower students, and make better the state of Texas water ways and the bay.




art, coastal bays, economics, environmental education, geography, history, math, K-12, reading, science