Environmental effects of oil spills: II. Environmental Protection Agency, American Petroleum Institute, and U.S. Coast Guard Conference on prevention and control of oil pollution.




Hutchinson, T.C.
Snow, N.B.
Eisler, R.
Anderson, R.D.
Lee, R.F.
McAuliffe, C.D.
Williams, G.N.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, American Petroleum Institute, and U.S. Coast Guard.


Research report: Various research projects on the environmental effects of oil pollution are described. Topics include: effects of experimental crude oil spills on Canadian arctic vegetation; effect and fate of crude oil spilled on two arctic lakes; effects of petroleum on red sea macrofauna; petroleum hydrocarbons and oysters in Galveston Bay, Tex.; fate of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine zooplankton; an investigation of the 1970 Chevron main pass block 41 oil spill; prediction of the fate of oil in the marine environment; long term oil spill effects at Falmouth, Mass.; effects of the Boone Creek, S.C., oil spill; persistence and effects of light fuel oil in soils; fate and effects of oil on an estuarine pond; biodegradation of crude oil studied by computerized mass spectrometry; and distribution of aromatic hydrocarbons in water, sediment, and animal tissues in an experimental shrimp pond.


517 p.


oil pollution, oil spills, petroleum hydrocarbons, oysters, environmental effects, aromatic hydrocarbons