Survey report: Bogue Banks North Carolina




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This report provides results of beach monitoring surveys covering the period June 1999 through May 2005, completed as part of the Bogue Banks Beach and Nearshore Mapping Program (BBBNMP) sponsored by Carteret County, North Carolina. The report documents changes in the condition of the beach over a six-year period which encompassed the following major events: • Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd (September 1999) • Phase 1 beach restoration project (Pine Knoll Shores and Indian Beach, December 2001–April 2002) • Morehead City navigation project inner harbor material (nourishment disposal) to Fort Macon State Park (February 2002) • Phase 2 beach restoration project (Emerald Isle, January, March 2003) • US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Section 933 beach nourishment (Indian Beach and western Pine Knoll Shores, February to March 2003) • Hurricane Isabel (September 2003) • Post-Isabel FEMA beach renourishment (Emerald Isle, March 2004) • Phase 3 beach restoration (Emerald Isle, February, April 2005) • New inlet dredging at Bogue Inlet (January, April 2005) • Hurricane Ophelia (September 2005) • Brandt Island pump out and disposal along Atlantic Beach and Fort Macon State Park (November 2004–February 2005) • USACE Morehead City Harbor dredge disposal along Atlantic Beach and Fort Macon State Park (February, April 2005)



Bogue Banks, North Carolina, North Carolina, hurricane, beach erosion, beach nourishment