FLTG, Incorporated, Crosby, Texas: Natural Resource Mitigation Preliminary Wetlands Site Selection Assessment




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As part of the French Limited remediation plan, it will be necessary to mitigate impacts that may have occurred to natural resources due to past releases of chemical constituents at the site. Freshwater sloughs which surrounded the site and water bodies downstream may have incurred environmental impacts. To mitigate these potential impacts, a wetland area will be created which is tidally connected to Galveston Bay through the San Jacinto River. The new wetlands site will be 20 to 24 acres in size. This report summarizes the preliminary site selection process used to perform the initial screening of potential sites for wetlands creation. The area examined for potential wetlands locations is adjacent to the San Jacinto River from State Highway 90 to Morgan's Point, at LaPorte, Texas. Prospective sites were selected based on land use after reviewing color infrared aerial photographs. The area of interest was then surveyed visually from a helicopter. Nine locations which appeared suitable for wetland creation were chosen as prospective sites. Figure 1 shows the location of selected sites relative to the French Limited site. Figures 2 and 3 provide topographic and watershed information for each site. Potential wetland configurations are also shown.


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environmental assessment, wetland mitigation