Draft supplemental environmental impact statement for the proposed all American Pipeline Project.




Environmental Resource and Technology, Incorporated

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Environmental Resource and Technology, Incorporated


The All American Pipeline Company is currently constructing a 1,247-mile pipeline to transport California crude oil from the Santa Barbara Channel in California to McCamey, Texas. An extension of the All American Pipeline is proposed to transport the crude oil from McCamey to distribution points on the Texas Gulf Coast. The Texas extension of the All American Pipeline consists of a 486-mile, 30-inch diameter, 300,000 barrels per day (BPD), heated crude oil pipeline. The proposed pipeline originates at an existing tank farm at McCamey, Texas and terminates at a tank farm at Webster and a marine terminal at Texas City. The Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the proposed All American Pipeline Project analyzes the environmental impacts of the proposed Texas extension of the pipeline and the pump/heater stations through construction, operation, maintenance, and abandonment. This SEIS analyzes the impacts of All American's Proposed Route; two alternative routes - the Northern Alternative and the Southern Alternative; and the No Project Alternative. The Northern and Southern Alternatives were identified to provide optional locations for the pipeline in sensitive areas.


2 vols.


oil and gas industry, crude oil, pipelines, environmental impact, tanker terminals