U.S. monitoring program to assess environmental concentrations of tributyltin in water and sediments from regional estuaries: preliminary survey and site identification


1992 1992 Nov 8


Brancato MS
JohnsonLogan LR
Cappellino SH
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry PU

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A preliminary survey and site identification for a U.S. monitoring program to assess environmental concentrations of tributylin, and its degradation intermediates, was conducted in the following four estuaries or lakes: Puget Sound, Washington; Galveston Bay, Texas; Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island; and Lake Erie, Michigan. The purpose of this study was to collect baseline data on tributyltin concentrations and to select candidate sites for sampling during a long-term monitoring program. Water and sediment samples were collected at over twenty-five sites (marinas, shipyards/drydocks, commercial harbors, and ecologically significant areas) in each estuary. In addition, auxiliary parameters, such as total organic carbon, cation exchange, capacity, grain size, temperature, salinity, pH, redox potential, and dissolved oxygen, were collected at each site for correlation with butyltin concentrations. The results of the preliminary survey showed highest tributyltin concentrations in water samples from marinas (to 220 ng/LJ and in sediment samples from shipyards and commercial harbors (to 4400 ng -g dry weight. Total organic carbon was the only auxiliary parameter that showed occasional correlation with butyltin concentrations




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