Preliminary report on land-surface subsidence in the area of Burnett, Scott, and Crystal Bays near Baytown, Texas.




Gabrysch, R.K.

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U.S. Geological Survey.


Removal of water, oil, and gas from the subsurface in Harris County, Texas, has caused declines in fluid pressures which have resulted in subsidence of the land surface. One critical area of subsidence is in the area of Burnett, Scott, and Crystal Bays near Baytown. Much of this area is now subject to inundation by high tides. Production of oil and gas from the Goose Creek field at the southern edge of Baytown has caused as much as 3.25 feet of subsidence by 1925. The subsidence bowl is restricted to the area of production and has not extended to the area of Burnett, Scott, and Crystal Bays. Withdrawals of water from large-capacity industrial wells, which resulted in declines in artesian pressure, began about 1918; as much as 250 feet of water-pressure decline has occurred in the evangeline aquifer. Significant subsidence of the land surface began about 1920. Possibly as much as 7.5 feet of subsidence had occurred in the area by 1971.


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subsidence, geology, ground water