High island gathering system nears completion.




Seaton, E.

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The High Island Gathering System (HIGS), a multidiameter crude and condensate pipeline system will connect seven fields in the High Island South Addition and High Island East Addition South Extension to an on-shore metering station near Texas City, Tx. It extends to a metering station from 120 miles southeast of Galveston, the farthest point of the pipeline. The pipeline was laid in a maximum water depth of 330 ft. Seven offshore platforms are to be tied to the system. The 14 inch main flowline is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 2,160 psi. There are no plans being considered at present to increase the capacity of HIGS system. All crude oil gathered from the platforms will be delivered to various companies downstream of the metering station.


p. 101-105.


oil and gas industry, crude oil, pipelines, oil and gas production