Economic Analysis of Declining Petroleum Supplies in Texas: Income, Employment, Tax, and Production Effects as Measured by Input-Output and Supply-Demand Simulation Models



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State of Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council


This report is the result of the last two of a three part set of studies completed by the Governor's Planning Office for the State of Texas for the Governor's Energy Advisory Council concerning the supply and demand for energy in the State of Texas. The first report dealt with the historical production and consumption of energy in Texas during the period 1950 - 1973, and is entitled "Energy Supply and Demand in Texas for the Period 1950 - 1973". This report is concerned with an economic analysis of declining petroleum supplied in Texas and summarizes the analysis of the economic impacts of energy supply and demand projections for purposes of providing information about various government energy policy alternatives and their expected effect on the economy of the State of Texas.


193 pages


energy policy, petroleum industry