Houston area medium-Btu coal-gasification project feasibility study. Final Report. Vol III. Facility and Distribution System design.




Union Carbide Corp.

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The primary objective of the Houston Study design effort was to develop technologically feasible design for the gasification facility and product distribution system in sufficient detail for preparing a +-25% cost estimate. The design is based on a nominal production of 125 billion Btu/day of hydrogen and syngas with key support facilities designed to accommodate expansion to 250 billion Btu/day. Production is based on using Texaco gasifiers to process Illinois No. 6 coal barged to the site. A 2800 acre site located 4 miles north of Texas City and 32 miles southeast of Houston was selected as best suited to accommodate the facility and service defined market. In addition to environmental socioeconomic studies, the site was evaluated for conduciveness to construction and operation. Preliminary plot plan studies indicate that only 800 to 1000 acres will be required for the facility. The facility and distribution system costs were developed based on factors associated with this site. The facility consists of 31 individual plants; 13 comprise the basic processes for converting coal to gaseous products, and 18 are support systems. The distribution system follows existing pipeline corridors and is designed to accommodate expansion to 250 billion Btu/day/ Volume III summarizes the design effort including process selection rationale and sensitivities, and defines the design used as a basis for the cost estimate.


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oil and gas production, environmental impact, petroleum, oil and gas industry