Bald eagle - osprey survey.




Smith, J.C.

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A five year correspondence survey, conducted during November, was made to determine the approximate density and distribution of bald eagles and osprey in Texas. A total of 15,968 questionnaires was mailed during this five-year period. 329 bald eagle sightings were reported during the period of September 1, 1975 to August 31, 1976 and a five-year total of 2,340 were reported. Winter concentrations of bald eagles in Texas do not reach the high numbers reported for some of the northern wintering areas. Most observers suggest a strong correlation between these concentrations, presence of a river or lake, and a readily available supply of the two major prey items which are waterfowl and fish. Monthly changes in the number of eagle sightings show a few birds arriving in Texas as early as September, but the majority enter the state in November and December with peak densities occurring in January. Two aerial surveys in the coastal nesting range of the southern bald eagle during January and February are cited. A total of 218 osprey was reported for the period of September 1, 1975 to August 31, 1976 for a five-year total of 1,324 sightings. Osprey were reported in every month of the year between 1971-76, but the greatest number occur during October and April. The distribution of the osprey covers the entire state with the majority of sightings occurring in the central, eastern and coastal portions.




vertebrate zoology, ornithology, bald eagles, endangered species, osprey, biological surveys, rare species, geographical distribution