Recovery of rotaviruses from estuarine water of Galveston Bay


1984 1984 Mar 4


Rao VC
Melnick JL

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As part of studies on the ecology of human enteric viruses, an improved method for detection of rotaviruses in water was developed, and their presence in Galveston Bay was monitored. One hundred gallon samples of estuarine water adjusted to pH 3.5 and final AlCl sub(3) molarity of 0.001 were filtered through tubular Filterite filters of 0.45 mu m porosity. Adsorbed virus was eluted with 1 liter of 10% tryptose phosphate broth, pH 9.5. Primary eluates were concentrated. Twenty-one of 72 samples of water, suspended solids, fluffy sediments and compact sediments collected in different seasons in Galveston Bay yielded rotaviruses




ASW,Galveston Bay, detection, Ecology, estuaries, Galveston Bay, Methodology, Microbial contamination, Microbiology, Pollution detection, Q1 01502 Methods and instruments, Q2 02442 Methods and instruments, recovery, Sediment, Sediments, suspended solids, USA, viruses, water