Catch per unit effort and mean total length of brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus Ives, taken by trawl in the Galveston Bay system, Texas, 1963-67.




Trent, W.L.
Pullen, E.J.
Adams, G.
Zamora, G., Jr.

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Seattle, Washington: U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service and; Galveston, Texas: U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, Gulf Coastal Fisheries Center


The report presents catches per unit effort and mean lengths for brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus Ives, taken with a trawl and trawl cod end cover from the Galveston Bay system, Texas during 1963-67 by personnel of the Estuarine Program, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, Galveston, Tx. The number of stations at which samples were taken ranged from 58 in 1963 to 16 in 1967. Sampling frequency varied from weekly to monthly; in 1967 samples were not taken throughout the year. Stations were located within three habitats -- peripheral, open water, and channel, within each bay area of the system except West Bay.


46 p.


brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus, trawl nets, catch/effort, catch statistics, fishery statistics, length