Ecological studies of selected level-bottom macro-invertebrates off Galveston, Texas




Harper, D.E., Jr.

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Texas A&M University.


The substrate preference and temporal distribution of 64 marine macro-invertebrates were studied. All species inhabit the shallow, nearshore (3-11 m) bottom off Galveston, Texas. Ecological and behavioral notes are given for several species which were brought into the laboratory and maintained in aquaria. Temperature, salinity, and turbidity data from the study area are included. The seasonal distributions of 5 sediment fractions, viz coarse shell, fine shell, fine sand, very fine sand, and mud are analyzed. Numerical dominance and restricted substrate preference were used as criteria for selecting species characteristic of the 3 bottom types in the study area, sandy, mixed and muddy. Examples are presented for all bottom types, with mollusk, Nassaruius acutus, being the most predominant within the study area.


300 p., Dissertation


marine invertebrates, substrate preferences, temporal distribution, sediment distribution, benthos, coastal zone, seasonal distribution