Meteorology of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: data from 1995-1997. Final Report.




Yocke, M.A., C.A. Emery, P. Roberts, C. MacDonald, D. Ladner, J. Prouty and A. Barnett

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U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region


During this three-year study entitled "Meteorology of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico" meteorological data for the 1995-1997 period from all available sources (National Weather Service, National Data Buoy Center, stations funded by Minerals Management Services and other private sources) spanning the region of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico (NEGOM) were collected. Estimates of the temporal/frequ4ency contents and spatial scales of variation from these wind measurements were prepared. Humidity, air and sea-surface temperature measurements for the same period throughout the NEGOM were also analyzed and maps of the mean and variance fields, and estimate the temporal and spatial scales of variation were prepared. Calculations of mean and variance fields of surface wind stress and heat flux over the NEGOM were made and maps prepared of the quantities to estimate wind curl and vertical vorticity means and variability after effects of sea breezes were identified via filtering techniques. These data were used to study winter cyclogenesis and cold frontal passage in the NEGOM. Assessments were made of frontal passage and the modification of air masses affecting the local fields of temperature, humidity, pressure and other relevant meteorological parameters. Temporal and spatial variation scales were analyzed as functions of atmospheric and climatological types. Prognostic meteorological model output was also archived for the same period to supplement the observational data base for the NEGOM region. A computer based "Expert" software system was developed that allows rapid, real-time access to the information and products developed in this study and aid in interpretation of current and forecast meteorological conditions.


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meteorology, climate, data, research, collection, summary