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The following report contains the proposals for preserving and protecting the resources of the coastal zone which my staff and I have developed after months of investigation, testimony, and debate. This draft does not represent the final research report of the committee, which will be presented, along with proposed legislation, to the 63rd Legislature in January, 1973. Instead, the purpose of this report is to acquaint the reader with the major problems which affect the coastal zone. Each of these issues is summarized briefly, and is followed by a declaration of what state policy should be and how this policy might be implemented. By publishing this report, we hope to stimulate comments and suggestions from the people of the coastal zone. These proposals must be acted upon by the full committee before they are presented to the Legislature, and your response to the recommendations in this report will play a large part in determining whether the committee approves these proposals for submission to the 63rd Legislature. The report and recommendations cover the following topics: History of State Coastal Policy; The Beaches: Public Rights; The Beaches: Prior Legislation; Parks and Recreation; Problems of State-Owned Land; Protecting the Coastal Environment; Hurricane and Flood Protection; Government and Administration.


33 pages; available for download at the link below.


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