Quantitative evaluation of gonadal proteins in male and female oysters (Crassostrea virginica ) using an immunological technique


1989 1990 Apr 1


Choi KS
Lewis DH
Powell EN

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A polyclonal antibody has been produced against egg protein and sperm protein of the American oyster for obtaining a weight-based gonadal index. The gonadal index was expressed in the form: mg gonadal protein/g wet wt oyster tissue. The polyclonal antibody against oyster sperm protein was produced by stripping ripe sperm into phosphate-buffered saline. Sperm was collected, homogenized and injected into an Albino New Zealand rabbit. Rabbit anti-oyster sperm IgG (10 mu g/ml) detected 0.2 to 6.0 mu g of sperm protein. To assess the usefulness of this method, 50 female oysters were collected from Deer Island, Galveston Bay, Texas from June through October, 1988. During that period, monthly gonadal index (for females) varied between 107 mg/g (June) and 22 mg/g (October). The maximum gonadal index recorded was recorded in July, 365 mg/g, and the minimum in October, 0.012 mg/g. Maximal indices in July indicate that the gonad may account for as much as 36% of the body weight during the spawning season




antibodies, Crassostrea, Crassostrea virginica, Evaluation, Galveston Bay, Immunology, Methodology, O 8050 CONFERENCES, Oyster culture, Oysters, Proteins, Q1 01264 Reproduction and development, Q1 01583 Shellfish culture, Q3 01583 Shellfish culture, Shellfish, spawning, sperm, Texas, USA