Development of a rapid bioassessment method and index of biotic integrity for tidal streams and bayous located along the Northwest Gulf of Mexico




Guillen, G.J.

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


The objective of this study was to collect nekton data on selected streams and bayous present within the Galveston Bay coastal ecosystem, in order to characterize the expected assemblages of nekton within various types of water bodies, based on water quality and/or habitat degradation. The second objective was to develop a prototype rapid bioassessment technique similar to the IBI for upper Texas and Northwestern Gulf of Mexico coastal tributaries, to assist future regulatory agency biologists conducting nekton surveys within the region. A third objective was to provide a tool for water quality professionals in the permitting of wastewater discharges and development of water quality standards.


257 pgs.


nekton, water quality, streams, bayous, bioassessment, rapid bioassessment technique, wastewater