Coastal Region Spill Response Map Series Support Data

dc.acquisition-srcDr. James Baker's Working Collectionen_US COLL GBAY ACC#10235
dc.contributor.authorThe Texas Water Commissionen_US 1992en_US
dc.description194 pgs.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe support information which follows provides explanation for the coded features of the Coastal Region Spill Response Map Series and must be using in conjunction with the maps to adequately satisfy response planning and decision making requirements.en_US
dc.geo-codeCoastal Texasen_US
dc.history2-12-09 kswen_US
dc.locationAvailable in the GBIC Office - Please contact GBIC for assistance.en_US
dc.locationGBIC Special Collection
dc.placeAustin, TXen_US
dc.publisherThe Texas Water Commissionen_US
dc.seriesLP 90-09en_US
dc.subjectemergency managementen_US
dc.subjectresponse planningen_US
dc.subjectspill responseen_US
dc.titleCoastal Region Spill Response Map Series Support Dataen_US
dc.vol-issueVolume IIen_US