Hurricane relocation planning for Brazoria, Galveston, Harris, Fort Bend, and Chambers counties.




Ruch, Carlton

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Texas A&M University


This report has been prepared for use by individuals or groups responsible for making decisions about evacuation of Texas coastal areas. It is designed to help you decide approximately when to evacuate an area. It is suggested that you study the data in this report and plan, in advance, the requirements for evacuation of your area. To avoid delays when a hurricane threatens, each person or group responsible for evacuation decisions should have an agreed-upon operational procedure. Simply put, if a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico has certain characteristics (wind speed, movement speed, location, and direction), then a certain response is necessary. Once you have formulated your plan, it should coordinated with other decision makers in areas which might be affected by the form of evacuation you recommend.


166 pages


hurricanes, tropical depressions, meteorology, disasters, warning services, evacuation