Report on BOD and DO model verification for the Galveston Bay System.


January 1972


Cullender, M.J.
Winslow, D.E.
Hays, A.J., Jr.

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Tracor, Incorporated


This report describes progress made toward verification of the steady-state, two-dimensional BOD and dissolved oxygen (DO) models for the Galveston Bay estuary. A brief description is given of the mathematical formulations used and the input data employed are discussed for two periods that are simulated. Both winter and summer conditions have been modeled, with appropriate changes in input parameters made as required. The results of computations for nitrogenous BOD, carbonaceous BOD, and DO are compared to average observed values for the periods being investigated. On the whole, the comparisons were favorable and a reasonable degree of model verification has been shown. This is especially true for dissolved results, where 89 and 63 percent of the computed values were within the observed ranges during summer and winter conditions, respectively. For nitrogenous BOD, the values were 89 and 51 percent, while for carbonaceous BOD, the values were 55 and 61 percent for summer and winter conditions, respectively. Thus, it is seen that verification for DO was somewhat better than it was for carbonaceous and nitrogenous BOD's. This fact indicates that some additional verification work is needed before the necessary degree of verification can be achieved. After progressing this far in BOD and DO modeling refinement, it is clear that a relatively minor additional effort can produce significant benefits in model verification.


59 pages


dissolved oxygen (DO), aeration, dissolved chemicals, models, mathematical models, modeling, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)