Intraspecific diversity of Vibrio vulnificus in Galveston Bay water and oysters as determined by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA PCR7




Lin M; Payne DA; Schwarz JR

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Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) PCR was used to analyze the temporal and spatial intraspecific diversity of 208 Vibrio vulnificus strains isolated from Galveston Bay water and oysters at five different sites between June 2000 and June 2001. V. vulnificus was not detected during the winter months (December through February). The densities of V. vulnificus in water and oysters were positively correlated with water temperature. Cluster analysis of RAPD PCR profiles of the 208 V. vulnificus isolates revealed a high level of intraspecific diversity among the strains. No correlation was found between the intraspecific diversity among the isolates and sampling site or source of isolation. After not being detected during the winter months, the genetic diversity of V. vulnificus strains first isolated in March was 0.9167. Beginning in April, a higher level of intraspecific diversity (0.9933) and a major shift in population structure were observed among V. vulnificus isolates. These results suggest that a great genetic diversity of V. vulnificus strains exists in Galveston Bay water and oysters and that the population structure of this species is linked to changes in environmental conditions, especially temperature




Biodiversity; Foods; Methods and Techniques; Pollution Assessment Control and Management; Public Health: Allied Medical Sciences;DNA: analysis;environmental conditions; genetic diversity; oyster: seafood,virological analysis; population structures: shifts; temperature;oyster: common [Pelecypoda]; Vibrio vulnificus: species,analysis,intraspecific diversity [Vibrionaceae];Pelecypoda: Animals,Invertebrates,Mollusks; Vibrionaceae: Bacteria,Eubacteria,Microorganisms;[06704] Vibrionaceae;[07502] Ecology: environmental biology - General and methods;[07508] Ecology: environmental biology - Animal;[10062] Biochemistry studies - Nucleic acids,purines and pyrimidines;[13502] Food technology - General and methods;[13522] Food technology - Fish and other marine and freshwater products;[30000] Bacteriology,general and systematic;[31000] Physiology and biochemistry of bacteria;[37001] Public health - General and miscellaneous;[37015] Public health - Air,water and soil pollution;[61500] Pelecypoda;[61500] Pelecypoda,Mollusca,Invertebrata,Animalia [06704] Vibrionaceae,Facultatively Anaerobic Gram-Negative Rods,Eubacteria,Bacteria,Microorganisms;[64026] Invertebrata: comparative,experimental morphology,physiology and pathology - Mollusca;