Study of the Marsh and Marine Plants in Upper Galveston and Trinity Bays - Ecological Survey of Upper Galveston and Trinity Bays


This report covers a year's study of the march and marine vegetation of Area M-2 in relation to hydrographic and climatological conditions. Vegetation was collected by hand, and in trawl, seine, and plankton net in conjunction with other jobs. The marine plants are included in a check-list with related hydrographic data. The main purpose of this project was to determine if a species was eliminated or reduced due to natural causes, and if the associated organisms were affected. Marine vegetation seemed to have the same general distribution, although some species were not as wide spread as in the 1959-60 survey. Seven major marine species were found in the bays. These were Ruppia maritima, Lyngbya sp., Enteromorphia sp., Ulva lactuca, Polysiphonia sp., Gracilaria sp., and Sargassum sp. The present crop of marsh plants changed little, following the same general distribution as in the 1959-60 survey. Spartina alterniflora and Scirpus robustus were the marsh plants producing the greatest influence on the marine environment.


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ecology, estuaries, plankton nets, marshes, marine plants