Oil Spills Control Manual for Fire Departments




Cross, Ralph, Archie Roberts, John Cunningham, Bernard Katz, and Frank J. Freestone

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Monitoring


This report was developed from field tests and actual oil spill control experiences of the Marine Division of the New York Fire Department during a twenty-two month period beginning October 8, 1970. The information offered is intended to assist a community in protecting its area against oil spill damage. Operational procedures described are intended to serve as stop-gap measures, pending the inauguration of cleanup activities by the spiller responsible Federal Agency. A survey of cities susceptible to oil spills indicates that most responding fire departments are concerned with containing spills as well as dealing with spill-created fire hazards. Research and development which culminated in the production of this manual concentrated on the utilization of existing fire department resources. However, a limited amount of useful ancillary equipment is explained. The manual describes common sources of oil spills and some ecological effects of oil pollution. Pertinent Federal laws and regulations are outlined. Some feasible techniques for dealing with harbor spills are offered.


99 pgs.


oil pollution of rivers, harbors, handbooks, manuals, guide, oil, fire, oil spills, clean up