Houston focuses on the restoration and development of the Buffalo Bayou, a historic waterway


2003 Aug


Schmertz MF

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For many decades, the Buffalo Bayou in Texas, a badly neglected 10-mile waterway corridor that meanders between Houston, Texas's Westward and Eastward limits to flow into Galveston Bay, has blighted the city. Unfortunately, not enough public attention was paid or support given to earlier civic efforts to transform the bayou into an urban amenity. In 1986, a group of Houston's most prominent citizens, concerned about the future of their city, formed the Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP), a nonprofit organization to oversee development of the historic waterway. In 2002, working in partnership with representatives of Harris County, Harris County Flood Control District, and the City of Houston, BBP produced a long-range integrated regional master plan known as 'Buffalo Bayou and Beyond' that will direct the rehabilitation of the bayou as an ecologically functional system protected by low-impact development




BUFFALO Bayou (Tex.), FLOOD control, Galveston Bay, LANDSCAPE, LANDSCAPE architecture, TEXAS, WATERWAYS