Survey of historical sources on Galveston Bay




University of Houston
Institute for Public History

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University of Houston; Institute of Public History


This finding guide presents a basic description of the major private archival collections on the history of Galveston Bay. While focusing primarily on the environmental history of the bay, it also includes key collections dealing with the economic, social, and political growth of the Galveston Bay region from the early nineteenth-century until the present time. As a result, collections identified in this book include not only local and regional repositories of primary source documents around Galveston, Texas, but also collections of manuscripts, documents, and photographs housed in Austin and at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. In addition, the finding guide includes a basic bibliography of historical works dealing with the Galveston Bay region. Many of the sites listed in this book include not only a short narrative, but a list of websites, URL's, and e-mails addresses. I some cases the scholar may be able to access an entire catalog of one of the libraries listed through the internet, and studying the history of this area demands information on key individuals who have cataloged, archived, and studied the Galveston, Texas region.


110 pgs.


historical account, history, sources