Vanishing Wildlife of Texas




John L. Tveten

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Endangered Species Media Project


Wilderness, wildlife and sealife diversity in Texas is a gift beyond measures. Maintaining natural habitats is a central conservation concern. The health of other species is a strong indicator of the health of the habitat we share with them. Human existence depends critically on the quality and diversity of life. Our success as a species is based on the ability to utilize biological diversity for food, clothing, medicine, and shelter. Biologists know that today's accelerated decline of wildlife results from habitat degradation. According to the National Science Foundation, We are rapidly running out of time where we can hope to understand and preserve the diversity of life on this planet. This book has beautiful pictures of the various native species in Texas that are endangered or extinct. Along with these pictures are descriptions of the habitat and other interesting facts.


160 pgs.


endangered species, wildlife conservation, rare animals