Fundamentals of aquatic ecology. 2nd edition




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Blackwell Scientific Publications


The term aquatic habitat covers a whole spectrum from the world's oceans to the bays and estuaries around their fringes, from major lakes (including inland salt seas) to small ponds and to the marshes and swamps that are often found associated with them. It also includes rivers characterized by a one-way flow from the uplands, where they were fed by rainfall and springs, to their junctions with the sea at estuaries. At first sight these habitats may seem so diverse that it is not sensible to try to discuss their ecology in one volume. However, we hope to show that there are may processes that occur in all these types of environment, and that there is a fundamental unity between them.


270 pgs.


ecology, ecosystems, water column, aquatic communities, habitat, aquatic communities, reefs, man - induced effects, aquatic ecology, aquatic environments, ecology