Plants of the Texas Coastal Bend




Lehman, RL
O'Brien, R
White, T

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Texas A&M University Press


For everyone who studies or simply enjoys the impressive variety of wild plants that grow in the counties of Texas' coastal bend, here is an authoritative, user-friendly book that will make an excellent reference. With many years of teaching experience and field work behind them, the authors have provided well-organized, informative species accounts along with reliable identification kkeys for more than one thousand of the region's trees, shrubs, vines, and wildflowers. Organized by botanical class and then alphabetically by family, genus, and species, the plants are characterized by appearance, size, habit, occurrence, soil preference, flowering period if appropriate, and, in the case of non-native species, place of origin. The authors provide common names if available and additional information for rare and endangered plants. The keys, which are formatted to help avoid error and confusion in scientific identification, are easy and logical enough to aid amateur naturalists in identifying local wildflowers, making them useful for botany students and nature lovers alike. This volume expands and updates the classic botanical work by Fred B. Jones, Flora of the Texas Coastal Bend, published in 1975 by the Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation. Completely revised and reogranizaed, it now contains nearly 70 individual drawings and is accompanied by an invaluable CD with more than 750 color photographs.


352 pgs.


flora, plants, wild plants