Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations Galveston, Texas, Offshore Disposal Site Evaluative Summary



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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station


An investigation of the physical (sedimentological), chemical, and biological impacts of dredged material disposal was conducted in 1975 and 1976 at an authorized disposal site offshore from Galveston, Tex. A hopper dredge was used for dredging and disposal, and most of the dredged material consisted of clean sand and sandy silt from the Galveston Bay Channel. A small amount of contaminated material from the Texas City Turning Basin was also placed in the disposal site. Three areas within the site were employed for disposal. Two reference areas, also within the site, were chosen to provide a basis for distinguishing natural changes from those which might result from disposal. The disposal and reference areas wre selected on the basis of information obtained from a predisposal pilot study.


89 pages


water quality, waste disposal sites, sediment, pollutants, Galveston Offshore Dredged Material Disposal Site, field investigations, environmental effects, dredged material disposal, dredged material, aquatic environment