Are things warming up? How climate changes could affect Texas.




Jensen, R.

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Texas A&M University, Texas Water Resources Institute.


Climate change may have direct impacts on Texas' water supplies. Droughts could be more common, coastal areas may be threatened by more violent storms and increased flooding and erosion. There could be less water for irrigation at a time when demands will increase. Agriculture could be severely impacted in arid areas of the state and dryland farming regions. Research may be the best defense to cope with the effects of climate change or to delay its coming. Water-saving strategies and technologies that make water use more efficient could help Texas cope with global warming. Studies in reservoir management may develop strategies that satisfy both the needs of flood control and water storage. Research to develop alternative fuels and improve long-term weather forecasting could also help solve the global warming problem.


6 p.


global warming, climatic changes, climate, water supply, environmental effects, research, climatology