Sea grass conservation plan for Texas




Texas Parks and Wildlife

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Texas Parks and Wildlife, Resource Protection Division


A planning team was organized to draft a planning document, conduct a Sea grass Symposium and Workshop, and then compile and prepare this published document. This document focuses on three issues: sea grass research, sea grass management/policy, and sea grass education/outreach. These activities have taken place since 1995. Due to statutory management authority over coastal public waters or biological resources, three state agencies (Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas General Land Office, and Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission) have taken the lead in guiding plan development. The Corpus Christi Bay and Galveston Bay National Estuary Programs were also involved. This approach provides a resource management and conservation model that can be implemented on a local level.


79 pages


sea grass, research, environmental protection, water quality, dredging, conservation, conferences, sediments, legislation, resource management, education, seagrasses, restoration ecology