Mid-Atlantic Regional Study: An Assessment of the Onshore Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development



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Woodward-Clyde Consultants


The scope of the report is regional in nature. Because important unknowns concerning quantity, quality, and location of reserves presently exist, site-specificity is neither tenable nor desirable. Although reference to specific locations is made, it must be emphasized that such reference is for illustrative purposes only. Site-specific analyses must, and should, be conducted only after initiating the activities which will result in confirmation of reserves. The report treats only onshore socioeconomic and environmental effects. The record of industry in minimizing direct oil-related environmental effects on the marine and coastal environments by implementing technological and operational safety modifications is presented elsewhere and compares favorably to that of other marine industries. In addition, extensive federal regulatory control over offshore activity currently exists and will exist in the future; control technology is well known, available, and will be implemented; and the risk associated with delivery of OCS oil and gas to shore facilities via subsea pipeline is minimal. Finally, the report is geographically restricted to the Mid-Atlantic regiona of the eastern United States. The Mid-Atlantic OCS was selected because lease sales in the area are imminent and decisions relating to potential effects require prompt attention. The report draws extensively from public documents. In addition, invaluable input was provided by a committee of industry personnel who provided information and advice to the consultant in matters relating to technical apsects of offshore operations. Mobile and development rig availability, rig operation, offshore and onshore manpower requirements, and capital investments were among the topics discussed with the committee. Results of these efforts are reflected in the basic assumptions presented in Section 4.2.1 of the report and elsewhere. Committee members and their affiliations are presented in Appendix F.


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petroleum pipelines, onshore impact, environmental impact, offshore oil and gas development