The Dickinson Bayou & Armand Bayou Watershed: Partnerships: Process and Progress


Jan. 25, 2007


Solmonsson, SB

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


The Dickinson Bayou and Armand Bayou Watershed Partnerships came together because of a shared interest in preserving, enhancing, and maintaining the natural integrity of the watersheds through the coordinated efforts of interested stakeholders. These Partnership Stakeholders include state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, civic groups, academic institutions, business and industry groups, and citizens. The vision and process of these groups involved developing an overall partnership of stakeholders, installing a Steering Council, and multiple Workgroups which will result in better stewardship, education, and management of these areas. We are in the process of doing all of this now. Thus far there have been several Watershed Partnership meetings for both groups involving hundreds of stakeholders, multiple Steering Council Meetings, many Workgroup meetings, and the development of a Watershed Plan for the Armand Bayou and the beginning draft of a Watershed Plan for the Dickinson Bayou.




partnerships, preservation, watersheds