Offshore underwater investigations Houston-Galveston navigation channels, Texas project, Galveston, Harris, Liberty and Chambers Counties, Texas




Hoyt, Steven D.

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Espey, Huston & Associates


Between October 12 and 17 1992, Espey Huston and Associates, Inc. (EH&A) conducted an archaeological remote-sensing survey of offshore portions of the Houston-Galveston ship channel for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District (COE). The work included a magnetometer and sub-bottom profiler survey of the channel from the inner end of the Bolivar Roads Channel, at the entrance to Galveston Harbor, to well offshore, a linear distance of just over 20 miles. Side-scan sonar survey was also conducted over the survey area shoreward from approximately 4 miles outside of the jetties. A total of 211 magnetic anomalies and anomaly clusters plus 21 side-scan sonar targets were recorded. Based on the available data, including modern charts and archival research conducted by EH&A in an earlier project, recommendations have been made for ground truthing of localities marked by either side-scan sensor targets, magnetic anomalies or both. The sub-bottom profiler data was collected and analyzed by a geophysicist and a geomorphologist with the intent of examining the submerged, subaerial Pleistocene surface. Two distinct subsurface layers were recorded and are presented as contour maps. Distinct minor tributaries are visible in the subsurface data as well as one offshore island. The seismic data will be useful for evaluating the potential for the existence of offshore prehistoric sites.


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magnetic exploration, underwater archaeology, antiquities, magnetometry, archaeology