Coastal hydrographic and meteorological study, 1972




Martinez, A.Rudy

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Hydrographic and meteorological data collected in the field and taken from publications are presented in this report. Salinity readings remained relatively low as a result of adequate rainfall distribution throughout the study period. Rainfall totals in 1972 were generally higher than in 1971, with totals ranging from 33.35 inches in the Lower Laguna Madre to 52.13 inches in the Galveston Bay area. Water temperatures followed normal seasonal trends and varied little from the previous year. High tides were experienced during April and May in most bay areas. Tide levels were generally low throughout winter months. Dissolved oxygen and pH readings remained above critical levels in most bay areas with dissolved oxygen levels being slightly higher than in 1971. Habitat modifications included dredging, filling, oil well drilling, laying pipelines, mudshell dredging and various types of marine construction.


pgs. 146-197


hydrography, meteorological data, climatic data, atmospheric precipitations, water analysis, habitat, dredging, pipeline construction