Drop By Drop: the life cycle of the Lower Colorado River




Lower Colorado River Authority

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Lower Colorado River Authority


Where does all the water in the Texas Colorado River come from and where does it go? And will there always be enough? These are questions on most people's minds when times get dry. This report is intended to answer these and other questions about the water resources in the lower Colorado River basin and 10-county Lower Colorado River Authority statutory water district created by the Texas Legislature. We will look first at the source of all our water - rainfall. Next, we will examine what happens to the rain and how it turns into the water we pump from the Colorado River and deep underground to meet our needs. "Who uses that water?" will be the next question we answer, followed by the most important question of all: "How should we best manage and use our water to ensure an adequate supply for generations to come?"


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water use, water, water supply, watershed, water management, quality