Drainage basin sediment delivery: proceedings of a symposium held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA,4-8 August, 1986




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International Association of Hydrological Sciences


This book includes papers presented at the August symposium organized by the International Commission on Continental Erosion (ICCE). The objectives of the symposium were: 1) to examine the processes and mechanisms in the conveyance and storage of eroded material in drainage networks from upland slopes to stream channels, and 2) to discuss the relationship between erosion and sediment delivery as it affects estimates of basin sediment yield, and problems of scale in drainage basin studies. The papers have been divided into five categories: 1) sediment sources, 2) processes and sediment delivery, 3) storage and mobilization of sediment, 4) modelling of sediment yield and delivery, and 5) data acquisition and analyses.


487 pgs.


watersheds, geographical distribution, sediment transport, data acquisition, data processing, nature and spatial distribution of sediment sources, processes and sediment delivery, storage and mobilization of sediment, data acquisition and analyses, sediment transport, sedimentation and deposition, erosion, watershed, congresses