A list of references on the biology of shrimp (Family Penaeidae)




Chin, E.
Allen, D.M.

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In order to keep the bibliography within reasonable compass, only those references which contain specific mention of shrimp belonging to the family Penaeidae are included. Because many of the publications were not available to us, some are listed incompletely or possibly erroneously; those we were unable to consult have been marked with an asterisk. No attempt was made to gather references on subjects such as the technological aspects of the shrimp processing industry, palaeontological studies, or shrimp statistics, but a few references in those fields are listed. Shrimp statistics are published annually in the Fishery Statistics of the United States by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Articles dealing with fishing methods and gear have been included because of their general interest to fishery biologists.


143 p.


penaeid shrimp, biology, shrimp fisheries, bibliographies